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We are proud to participate in the Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Safety Check program. This program helps keep you and your passengers safe, and the waters of the Hudson River safe for recreational boating.

Note: Sport and Utility Boats (SUB) such as Canoes and Kayaks have special safety needs. Click on Vessel Safety Checks for SUBs to learn more about how to enjoy this fastest growing area of recreational boating safely.

You can request that one of our examiners perform an actual Vessel Safety Check by going to the " I Want a VSC" page at and enter your ZIP Code to contact an examiner near you.

This program is voluntary, free and confidential. The results are not reported to any law enforcement or insurance agencies. You can not receive any citations. The program is to assist you in determining if your boat meets federal and state safety equipment requirements. Vessels that pass are awarded a Vessel Safety Check decal, good for one year.Top Of This Page
A certificate from a Coast Guard Auxiliary safe boating class may decrease the cost of your boating insurance.
A Vessel Examiner is an Auxiliarist who has be specially trained to check your boat for safety equipment. The Vessel Examiner checks items in these categories:Get A Free Vessel Safety Check

      1)   Vessel registration numbering
       2)    Registration/documentation papers
       3)   Personal flotation devices
       4)   Visual distress signals
       5)   Fire extinguishers
       6)   Ventilation
       7)   Backfire flame arrestor                                       
       8)   Sound producing devices
       9)   Navigation lights
     10)   Pollution placard
     11)   MARPOL trash placard
     12)   Marine sanitation device
     13)   Navigation rules
     14)   State and local requirements
     15)  Overall boat condition

Click Here for 15 Reasons a Vessel Might Not Pass a Vessel Safety Check (VSC)
In addition, the Vessel Examiner may review other suggested, but not legally required improvements to enhance the safety of your vessel. For example, Federal Law does not require an anchor but NY State law does. Federal, State and/or Local Requirements, which ever is the most stringent, must be met to receive a VSC Decal.  We also share materials which willTop Of This Page assist you in having a safe boating season.
Click the link below for a virtual VSC.
Hudson River Rat

We Need You -- The Coast Guard Auxiliary is called upon to provide essential services to the Coast Guard as they focus more heavily on their military missions.  We need all the help we can get.  You needn't own a boat or be an experienced boater, since our missions are wide-ranging.  For information about Auxiliary missions and the Auxiliary in general, go to our Join the Auxiliary web page.  You will find there a form through which you can ask that a local Auxiliarist make contact with you to explore the ways in which you can assist Team Coast Guard.  To learn more go to Charting Your Course in the USCG Auxiliary.

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