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                                    (a)        Any individual or organization seeking to donate to the Auxiliary may make their donation to the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc., a IRS Code 501 (c)(3) organization, except for boats or aircraft.  Because of some outstanding legal issues, boats or aircraft are not being accepted.


                                    (b)            If the donation is restricted for the benefit of a specific flotilla or project that designation may be made at the time of the gift.


                                    (c)            Auxiliarists may not solicit funds from the general public, however, the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc. (CGAuxA) may in its capacity as a qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organization may solicit donations, and the Association has designated that only its directors (DCOs) or specific members of the fundraising/development staff may perform such solicitations.  However, if a potential donor approaches a flotilla or Auxiliarists, that flotilla contacts the CGAuxA Director of Development, Steve M. Budar, 75-1027 Henry Street, DMB 419, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740; Residence Phone 808-325-5856, Business 808-326-1125, FAX 808-326-1331 or E-mail at  or their association Director, the District Commodore (Nick Kerigan) and they will work with the flotilla and the donor to make the donation happen.   If necessary the Association will involve their Association attorney or other professionals that areTop Of This Page necessary to the situation. 


                                    (d)            It the donation consists of money only, the donations goes to the Association, the donor gets a charitable deduction and then the Association directs the money to the flotilla or division for which it was intended.  If the donation is a physical asset, a similar procedure applies and the asset is directed to be delivered to the flotilla or division for which it is intended.


                                    (e)            There is currently a moratorium on the acceptance of any boat or aircraft donations to the Auxiliary.  This was imposed by NACO and the DC-L.  There are issue such as insurance and liability that need to be resolved and are addressed in legislation before Congress.  The DC-L has been working on this issue to quite some time but until the CG and Congress act no donations of this type may be accepted.


            You may download the following form to assist you in processing a gift to your Flotilla through the Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc.  If you have any questions please contact me DSO-L Herman H. Tietjen, 60 E. Market Street, P.O. Box 201, Rhinebeck, NY 12572, Tel: (845) 876-7066, Ex. 12, E-Mail:  or FAX (845) 876-2513 Top Of This Page







Name of Your Flotilla: Flotilla _________ 1st Southern District


Name of Flotilla Commander:_____________________________


Address of Flotilla Commander:________________________________________________



Flotilla Commanderís:

            Telephone Number (       )____________ [  ]Res. [  ]Bus

            FAX Number: (       )________________

            E-Mail Address:___________________


Donorís Name:_________________________


Donorís Address:_______________________________________________________________

                          (for purpose of sending acknowledgement letter from CG Aux Assoc. Inc.)



Contact Personís Name:________________________________

Contact Personís Title:_________________________________

            Telephone Number: (       )________________________

            E-Mail Address: ________________________________

            FAX Number: (    )______________________________


Description of Item (s) to be donated Ė be specific including serial numbers:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Location of Item (s)____________________________________________________


When donation is to be made:_____________________________________Top Of This Page


C.G. Aux National Board


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