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USCG Air Group MiamiHere are some images taken by Pamela Bednarik - ADSO-PA CGL 1SR during a flight with USCG Air Station Miami to Bimini Bahamas on Dec 24th 2002.




   (USCG Air Group Miami)


1st Flotilla 67 2003 Staff Officers Meeting 10 DEC 03

  Newly elected Flotilla 67 Commander Don Lloyd, with his new Vice Commander, Bob Daraio, held an FSO meeting at the Ossining Recreation Center on Tues, December 10.  Goals  and deadlines were set, schedules made, and plans for an exciting 2003 wereTop Of This Page discussed.

New CG Children's Lifejacket Rule Effective as  23 DEC 02        

   The Coast Guard  implemented a new rule requiring that all children under 13 years of age wear Coast Guard approved life jackets while aboard recreational vessels underway, except when the children are below decks or in an enclosed cabin. The new rule goes into effect today, and was created to address the problem of childhood drowning while boating.


12/28/02 - 1/5/03

   There was  a USCG Aux booth at the NY Boat Show.  It was well staffed and well attended. 


    The Division 6 Change Of Watch was held on Sunday, Dec. 15, 2002 at Rudy's Beau Rivage restaurant from 12:30pm to 5pm. Over 120 people enjoyed live music, awards, special guests, and more.  The dinner, raffle and auction raised over $2,000 for Division 6.

   Betsy Blee  was a great MC. Betsy embodies the spirit of "Semper Gumby" (Always Flexible). Lynn Valenti ran a very profitable auction and raffle.  Music was provided by "After Six".  Joanna Madonna, Tony Clemenza, Rich Tirendi, and Brian Douglas, were kind enough to take time out from their busy touring schedule to donate their talents to our Change Of Watch. Their classic rock and smooth original tunes can be heard all over Westchester,Top Of This Page including Sunday, December 22 at "Danny's Cafe".

John Bednarik received a special award for his achievements as District 1(SR)  DSO-PA    Kevin Lustyk earned the Auxiliarist of the Year Award.

    John Bednarik received a special award for his achievements as District 1(SR)  DSO-PA  over the past 5 years. Kevin Lustyk earned the Auxiliarist of the Year Award. William "Tiny" Tauber, Official Photographer of Division 6, received a special award for his many years of outstanding service.

     Jim DiPelesi and Chris Stewart received a Meritorious Service Award for rescuing an exhausted swimmer on Lake Mahopac from CDR Michael McAllister and received congratulations from DCO Nicholas Kerigan.

CWO Thomas Peck received the "1st Annual Division 6 Bite Me Award"

    CWO Thomas Peck received the "1st Annual Division 6 Bite Me Award" for being the Gold Side individual who expended the greatest efforts and endured the most abuse on behalf of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary in 2002.


    CWO Tom Peck presented Coast Guard Achievement Awards to Steve Schmidt and the Flotilla Captains. Every Flotilla earned at least one award for Public Education, Marine Dealer Visitor, and/or Vessel Examinations. Don Lloyd accepted the award for Flotilla 67, whose member's production qualified in all three areas.

Greg Porteus received the " Special Communications Backup Device" from Steve Schmidt.

    Greg Porteus received the " Special Communications Backup Device" from Steve Schmidt. This will come in handy if his marine radio, marine handheld radio, cell phone, and Nextel all fail.

    Special guests included DCO Nicholas Kerigan, RCO-ACTNY-N Thomas Venezio, IPCO Lee Ward, PCO Arthur P. Reichling, PCO Herb Hager, CDR Michael McAllister, CWO Thomas Peck, CPO  John Joffe, Raymond Fagan, Commodore of the Washington Irving Boat Club , DCP-20 Tom Cadwallader, DCP-05 Paul Zucker, DSO-MV Alex Cascione, IPDCP JuneTop Of This Page Haymon, ADSO-AN Daryl Laxson.

    The event went well and a good time was had by all.


Picture of a VE Decal

Year To Date Flotilla 67 VE Summary: 65
Vinny Stafford       57
Bob Daraio               8

New Vessel Examiners: 4

Bob Daraio, Lynn Valenti, Don Lloyd, Ed Klotz
Vessel Examiners in process: Greg Porteus, Don Lloyd, and Jim Picciano have passed the written test for VE.

Year To Date Marine Dealer Visit Summary: 632 !!!!

Marine Dealer Visitors: 10

 Vinny Stafford and 9 new MDVs:

      Bob Daraio, Frank Maresca, Greg Porteus,
Lynn Valenti, Don Lloyd, Ed Klotz, Janet Morra,
Steven Daraio, and Danny DiPaola.
Top Of This Page

 4 MDV's in training:
Jim Picciano, Annie Wildgoose, Kevin Mosley,
and Sandy Weiser.

John Bednarik DSO-PA

John Bednarik DSO-PA

   John Bednarik DSO-PA has been made  an honorary Launch 5 crew member. John has done over 20 USCG Aux Patrol  hours on the "Patrolman Wallberger" this season in addition to his extraordinary Public Affairs activities. His pictures of Launch 5 on Patrol 11SEP02 have been published nationwide.


                                                                                                                                              (Image by Ken Sommers ADSO-CS)


   There was an Aviation Ice Patrol Workshop in the Caldwell Flight Academy at Essex County Airport on Saturday, December 14, 2002  from 9:00am to 11:00am.

     There were more than 60 Auxiliarists from a number of Divisions there, along with Bob Daraio and Sandy Weiser from Flotilla 67.

   This workshop is required for all USCG Aux members interested in the Air Observer, Air Crew, and Pilot Qualifications. There will be a Aviation SAR Workshop in March, 2003. Actual date and time TBA.

    The  Aviation ratings for Auxiliarists require a written test, (available on-line along with the manual), the Ice Patrol and SAR Workshops, Flight Physical, Aviation Swim and Egress Test. There is also an in-flight hours requirement which is different for each level of Qualification. For example, an Air Observer needs 10 in-flight hours.


   There was a GPS Course on Saturday, December 14, 2002 at the Ossining Recreation Center from 10am to 12 noon. Six students joined Don Lloyd for a very enlightening program.  This GPS Course with be given again later inTop Of This Page the season.


(Images by Ken Sommers ADSO-CS)

   Four Auxiliary Instructors from the Coast Guard  Leadership and Development Center (LDC) presented courses at the Dist. 1 SR Leadership Conference the weekend of 6 thru 8 Dec. 2002.

(Bernard Reiner)

Bernard Reiner Instructing new Flotilla Commanders


  The instructors were: Cecilia Nedder Bethoney form Massachusetts, Ron Cormier from Florida/ CT. , Manfred Germann from New York and Bernard Reiner from Maine.

(DDO-MS, John C. Molfetta, Leadership Coordinator with LAMS Instructor, Cecilia Bethoney.)

(DDO-MS, John C. Molfetta, Leadership Coordinator with LAMS Instructor, Cecilia Bethoney.)

(USCG Rear Admiral Vivian Crae)

(USCG Rear Admiral Vivian Crae)


   Rear Admiral Vivian Crae explained the  Coast Guard and Auxiliary's new responsibilities in  Homeland Security.

(Don Lloyd with other newly elected Flotilla Commanders and Division Captains)

(Don Lloyd with other newly elected Flotilla Commanders and Division Captains)

(Manfred Germann)

(Manfred Germann)

   Art Spinner, Dick Birgler, Don LLoyd, Skip Mumford, and Bob Daraio from Div 6 had a great time at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, made some new friends, and picked up some leadership skills to bring backTop Of This Page to their Flotillas.


(Chow Time! at Leadership conference)   (Skip Mumford, Doc Stewart, and Bob from New Hampshire)

  (Chow Time!)                                               (Skip Mumford, Doc Stewart, and Bob from New Hampshire)


(A Launch 5 Adventure)

08 DEC 02

(Story and Images by Bill Smith)

fouled starboard prop.   The Launch 5 Crew planned to shove off from Ossining at 7:30AM Sunday, Dec 8 heading to  New Rochelle for an electrical system overhaul.  This planTop Of This Page was thwarted by a fouled starboard prop.

   Coxswain Greg Porteus called a retired NYPD diver to come over from Rockland with a dry suit to dive down and cut off the line.   The offending line removed, Greg, Cliff Forrest (with newly reattached thumb), and the diver cruised  on to New Rochelle at 12:30PM.

For more detailed information about Launch 5, her history, specifications, restoration, and crew go to:





(Greg Porteus in the RIB)


   The City of New York  invited the USCG Auxiliary to teach a special One Day Boating Safety Course to members of the NYC Park Police. The one day intensive course was held from 8am to 5pm on Wednesday, November 27,2002 at their Randalls Island Park facility.

   There were 26 NYC Park Enforcement Officers and Park Rangers in the class. They learned about the rules of the road, registration and (Greg Porteus in the RIB,Image by Bill Smith)

documentation, required safety equipment, navigational aids, and received information about MARPOL, MSDs, PFDs  and back flame arresters. The Officers received training on the use of sound producing devices, and Visual Distress Signals. 

   It was a pleasure to work with such attentive and highly motivated students.  We've been invited back for an on-water training module to be scheduled later in the season. The program will include sections on in-water officer survival, proper use of a PFD, and training in the use of a ring buoy and other rescue gear.

Recruitment is up!!

Paige Flori, Craig Hart, Debra Hoogestraat, William Hughes, Trish  McCabe,  Christine Menna, Bill Smith, Peter Van Markwyk, Rick Veit, Henry Walburger, and Ace Zaken were sworn in to Flotilla 67 at the Nov meeting.

(New Members Christine Menna, Peter Van Markwyk, Paige Flori, and Alice Child.)

(New Members Christine Menna, Peter Van Markwyk, Paige Flori, and Alice Child.)Top Of This Page


(Cliff Forrest, Greg Porteus, Don and Sandy Lloyd, Peter Van Markwyk, Paige Flori, Bob Daraio, Christine Menna, and Janet Morra on Launch 5 )

(Cliff Forrest, Greg Porteus, Don and Sandy Lloyd, Peter Van Markwyk, Paige Flori, Bob Daraio, Christine Menna, and Janet Morra on Launch 5 )


The 8 hour, USCG Auxiliary approved for NYS Certification, Boating Safety Course was given on Saturday, November 16, in cooperation with, and at, the Ossining Department of Recreation Center.  The class started at 10 am. The six participants passed the intensive one day program.

A new course addition, Let's Go Sailing, has been added to the USCG Aux Public Education Program. This one day basic sailing class was held on December 7,2002.  There will be a Basic Navigation course offered this fall. Date and time to be announced.

      Henry Atterbury, Director of Ossining Parks and Recreation, has started a youth sailing program out of the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club. All participants will all be asked to take a USCG Aux Boating Safety Class. 


   Flotilla 67 had it's last meeting of 2002 on Wednesday, Nov 20 at the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club.

   We had 33 members present, including 10 new members. This was the best turn out of the year. There were aTop Of This Page number of guests and perspective members present as well.

(10 new members are sworn into FL67 with member Frank Maresca standing in the foreground.)

(10 new members are sworn into FL67 with member Frank Maresca standing in the foreground.)

   The election for Flotilla 67 Commander and Vice Commander was held. Don Lloyd was elected Flotilla Commander and Bob Daraio, Flotilla Vice Commander.

(Harriet Kraynik, FC-67 with Don LLoyd, VFC-67 and Flotilla 67 Secretary, Janet Morra, run the last meeting of 2002)  (Division 6 Captain Steve Schmidt swears in newly elected Flotilla 67 Commander and Vice Commander, Don Lloyd and Robert Daraio)  (Division 6 Captain Steve Schmidt swears in newly elected Flotilla 67 Commander and Vice Commander, Don Lloyd and Robert Daraio)

(Harriet Kraynik, FC-67 with Don LLoyd, VFC-67 and Flotilla 67 Secretary, Janet Morra, run the last meeting of 2002.  Division 6 Captain Steve Schmidt swears in newly elected Flotilla 67 Commander and Vice Commander, Don Lloyd and Robert Daraio)

   Harriet presented gifts to her Flotilla staff Officers, along with words of praise for their efforts in 2002. Don Lloyd presented Harriet with a gift from the members of Flotilla 67 and both Harriet and Don received "Hudson River Rats" plaques as a thank you for all their hard work this year.       

   Harriet and Ed Kraynik began a new Flotilla 67 tradition, presenting a wonderful scale model of a 47ft, Self-righting Coast Guard Rescue Boat to incoming Flotilla 67 Commander, Don Lloyd.  This beautiful model was build by FL67Top Of This Page Member Armand Belle and had been a gift to Ed Kraynik when he was the Flotilla 67 Commander.

   The meeting closed with a Champaign toast to everyone for a great year. The meeting was followed by a fellowship gathering at Danny's cafe.


   The monthly Division 6 meeting was held on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at Danny's Cafe.com in Ossining. There was a good turn out with many of our newest members attending along with the usual complement of Flotilla Commanders and Division Staff Officers. Danny provided a sound system and a special, discount priced dinner menu. The food was excellent and the atmosphere created an  opportunity for fellowship at this last meeting before the Change of Watch. This was also a chance for the public to attend a USCG Auxiliary meeting. A number of people came up to our members afterwards to express their thanks for our efforts in keeping the Hudson River safe for recreational boaters. Two people may join as a result of watching how well our Division Captain and Vice Captain  conducted this meeting.


(Images by Sandy Weiser)

   On Monday, November 11,2002 the United States Marine Corps Honor Guard, members of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, and Congresswoman Sue Kelly were  among those participating in an event to honor a fallen American hero.


   In a touching ceremony attended by well over 300 people, Accessible Self Storage named  their brand new, state of the art, 80,000 square foot, climate controlled facility in Wappingers Falls, New York:


   L/CPL Wayne A. Whiteley made the ultimate sacrifice on Jan.6,1968, while on patrol as the Heavy Weapons Squad Leader of D Company, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division, in Quan Tri Province, Vietnam.
Top Of This Page

   Members of the United State Coast Guard Auxiliary, United States Marine Corps, the Fraternal Order of Police, the Blue Knights, the Rolling Thunder and Renegade Motorcycle Clubs, and Momas Towing's collection of historical military vehicles  participated in the dedication along with members of L/CPL Whiteley's family.

   Wayne A. Whiteley was born in Pleasant Valley, New York in 1949. He grew up in Wappingers Falls, played football for Ketcham High School, and entered the Marine Corps on his 18th birthday. Wayne trained as a heavy weapons specialist and rose to the rank of Lance Corporal.

  Wayne is survived by his parents, Tes and William Whiteley, and six brothers and sisters, Wendy, Wanda, Dennis, Denise, Dale, and Dinah.

   Wayne's father William was a Marine Corps Sergeant in WWII, serving as a Crew Chief with the 3rd Marine Division Aviation Unit. Wayne's mother, Tes, spent the war milling parts for carbines and planes in a factory like "Rosie the Riveter". William and Tes Whiteley have 4 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. They will have been married 60 years this coming April. They still miss their son, who gave his all to keep freedom's light burning.

   Retired New York State Trooper Greg Porteus and his partners in Accessible Self Storage, Robert Kortwright and John Masulo, decided to dedicate each of their three new buildings to men and women from Wappingers Falls who have given up their lives in service to their country.

   Accessible Self Storage  is located at Myers Corners Road, behind Hannfords, in Wappingers Falls, NY.  Greg Porteus is the owner of USCG Auxiliary Facility, Launch 5. For more detailed information about Launch 5, her history, specifications, restoration, and crew go to:




   An unidentified man committed suicide on Friday 01 November by leaping to his death from the Bear Mountain Bridge. The search continues for his body, which has yet to be recovered. On Sunday, November 3, Skip Mumford and Greg Porteus participated in the search along with Cliff Forrest, Janet Morra, Bill Smith and Bob Daraio.Top Of This Page

(Skip Mumford searching for the jumper's body near the Bridge)




   Steve Schmidt DCP-06, Vinny Stafford, Greg Porteus, Cliff Forrest, and Robert Daraio participated in a USCG Recruitment event at Marymount College on Weds, October 29, 2002. Over a dozen members of the Marymount College Swim Team participated. The students received information on Regular, Reserve, and Auxiliary, Coast GuardTop Of This Page opportunities.


SWIM TEST On Weds, Oct. 23, 2002

   There was a swim test on Wednesday 10/22/02 at the Marymount College pool. Six of our new members were able to check this off. Remember, you can't participate in ANY on-water activities without this!!  

   Thanks go to Steve Schmidt, Vinny Stafford, and Kevin Lustyk for arranging this important training. Greg Porteus and Bob Daraio were there to assist.

   Flotilla 67 members Frank Maresca, Bill Smith, Henry Wallberger, and William Hughes, along with Russell Lea, from Fl64 and John Watson from FL65 completed this first important step to becoming Crew Qualified.


22 OCT 02

   The Sexual Harassment prevention workshop was held Tuesday, Oct 22 at the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club. This required training was well attended and professionally presented by Vinny Stafford. (Also, you have to admit, that is one catchy headline.)


(Images Courtesy of Westchester-Putnam Boy Scouts of America)

 "Thunderbird Games" at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation Top Of This Page

(Cub Scouts having a ball)

    In cooperation with the Westchester County Parks and Recreation  Department, The USCG Auxiliary participated in the 10th annual Cub Scout "Thunderbird Games" at the 4,300-acre Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. We expected to see more than 4,500 participants being challenged and enjoying a wide variety of activities. There were actually more than 6,000 making this one of the largest gatherings of Cub Scouts in the nation.


(Westchester County Correction Officers demonstrate SWAT gear)

    Westchester County Corrections Officers ran their  "Fingerprint America" child identification program. "Fingerprint America" provides parents with a passport sized document that contains their child's name, blood type, DNA hair sample, fingerprints, a picture, dental, and other personal information. This can be essential in helping locate a missing child.

    In addition, these dedicated C.O.B.A. members displayed an assortment of SWAT Team gear. A huge hit! The American Red Cross's Disaster Relief Communications Team showed off their mobile facility and the Westchester County Recreation Dept. provided a portable stage that was kept busy with a variety of musical acts. Tarrytown FD's Fire Truck demo was also a  big favorite.

   Dick Birgler, Bob Daraio, Jim DiPelesi, Don LLoyd, Janet Morra, Skip Mumford, Chris Stewart, and Annie Wildgoose gave out 450 emergency whistles and about 400 pounds of brochures on Boating Safety, AIM, andTop Of This Page USCG Auxiliary activities to the scouts in between the wild assortment of competitions.

   Thanks go to MetLife for the hundreds of Boat Smart coloring books and brochures. The whistles were a big hit with the kids, although the parents seemed somewhat disconcerted by the noise. We gave them Charlie Sferra's phone number in case they wanted to thank him for supplying them. (Just kidding)

(Check out the whistle on the zipper pull)

   We'd like to thank Steve Schmidt and Ed Kraynik for their efforts, in calling everyone in the Division to get the PATop Of This Page team  together for this very successful event.


(Alice Child at work)

11 OCT 02

Flotilla 67 United States Coast Guard Auxiliary

      Services for Hope Becker were held on 11 OCT 02.

    The Memorial Mass was at 11:30am in St Michael's Church, Greenwich, CT. A dozen members Division 6 joined over 100 family and friends for the funeral mass.

   The service was conducted by Father Michael Moynihan who said "In a short amount of years, Hope was able to achieve so many things. But above all these things, she was a good friend to so many people here."

   The USCG Auxiliary service and burial in Long Island Sound was at 1:30pm off of Larchmont Yacht Club. Taps echoed off the rough waters on this stormy afternoon  as the bell tolled  8 times to signal the end of this tough sailor' s watch. A salute was fired and answered by the LYC signal cannon next to the pole whose flag dipped, for a moment, to half mast.   Hope's brother, Chris, and sister, Carol, tossed a wreath from the stern of USCG Auxiliary Facility, Launch 5, then the urn was opened and Hope's ashes were spread over the turbulent waters of the Sound that she loved. 56 flowers, one for each year of Hope's life followed her into the sea. The boatload of friends that braved the rough weather to follow Launch 5 out into the Sound tossed flowers into the waves as well. We wish Hope smooth sailing and following winds.

   Hope T. Becker, USCG Aux Flotilla 67, died  in her sleep on October 2, 2002, after a courageous fight with liver cancer . She was predeceased by her parents, Harry and Lucy Devilla Becker, and survived by her brother, ChristianTop Of This Page Becker of Larchmont, NY, and sister, Carol Ann Kapp of Playa del Rey, CA.
   Hope was an avid sailor from an early age. She owned an International One Design that she raced very successfully on Long Island Sound. Hope participated in many women’s championship races on the Sound as well. Hope Becker excelled sailing  boats from the smallest dingy to large ocean racers all through her life.

   She was a banker, pilot, editor, librarian, school councilor, and finally, a school admissions officer at the New York State Merchant Marine Academy, Fort Schyler. Hope graduated from the College of Mount Vincent in Riverdale with a BA, a school that her mother attended as well. After graduating  from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn with a MLS,  Hope also earned a Masters in Counseling from Ryder College in New Jersey.

   Hope was active with Safe Rides in New Jersey as well as the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. She was proud to have recently earned her Crew Qualification in the Coast Guard Auxiliary, despite her illness. The love of her many friends and students are a measure of Hope’s accomplishments.

   Donations can be made in lieu of flowers to the Hope Becker Maritime Center at The Gifting Alternatives Foundation, 45 Hunter St, Ossining, NY 10562 or Jensen Memorial Hospice 69 Main Street, Tuckahoe, NY 10562 or the College of Mount St. Vincent, Riverdale, NY 10471.

   Our condolences to Hope's family, she was a shining example of a life well and truly lived. Hope will be missed, but never forgotten.

For more information go to The HOPE BECKER Maritime Center

To read more about Launch 5 go to :




    The PE Instructional Aids Workshop was  held on Saturday, October 5. The workshop/ briefing  took place at the Ossining Recreation Community Center, Ossining NY from 10am to noon.

    The presentations were excellent. Kevin Hanley's class on teaching styles was particularly good. He will be repeating this seminar on a date to be announced, for those who didn't catch this class at the PE Workshop.


   Patriots Weekend  held on Saturday and Sunday, October 5 and 6, 2002, included many activities on the HudsonTop Of This Page River.

 Saturday October 5th PW Activities

   From 1 pm to 2 pm, off shore between Garrison and West Point…A rousing re-enactment of a classic sea battle between two enemy Revolutionary War-era warships. The massive square-rigger, HMS Bounty  fought the smaller, rebel ship, Providence, in an epic cannon and musket skirmish for control of the Hudson River Valley. Broadsides echoed off the mountains and broadswords clashed on the decks.

   Saturday evening there were firework displays shot from two locations, Bear Mountain and West Point.

Sunday, October 6th PW Activities

   At 2 PM Governor George Pataki dedicated the newly built suspension foot bridge of the Popolopen. A small fleet of long boats, the Royal Navy's Revolutionary War-era landing craft, and the General Lafayette on loan from Mystic Seaport  sailed into Popolopen Creek near the new footbridge.

   At 3 pm the Governor dedicated the Fort Montgomery Historical Site, exactly 225 years after the battle of the Fort on Oct. 6, 1777. The Brigade of the American Revolution did a program following the dedication which included musket  and mortar fire demonstrations.

   HMS Bounty, Providence and Clearwater were on the river at the opening of the creek, saluting the dedication. There were other historic vessels in Popolopen Creek for the dedication of the bridge as well.


 Our Fall season full BSS Course kicked off on Thursday, October 3rd, 7-9pm, and runs for approximately six weeks, This course will be held in Yorktown and will cost $45 per student.



(Images by John and Pamela Bednarik, and Lynn Valenti)

See more at www.Launch5.com

(Images by John Bednarik)

 (Lynn Valenti & Cliff Forrest on watch off Ground Zero 9/11/02)

(Lynn Valenti & Cliff Forrest on watch off Ground Zero 9/11/02)   On 11SEP02, Launch 5 left Ossining at 6:30am and proceeded down the Hudson River to USCG Activities NY. After a short visit there, where Coxswain Greg Porteus and Crew Jim Picciano, Lynn Valenti, Bob Daraio, Janet Morra, Cliff Forrest, Lou Liotti, Jack Sheehy, Dan McCarthy, and District 1(SR) Staff Officer, Public Affairs John Bednarik participated in a moment of silence for the 9/11 victims. They took up their assigned station in the North Cove off of Ground Zero along with a 41ft USCG Facility and two boats from the eliteTop Of This Page NYPD Harbor Unit at 9am.

   The extremely moving ceremony, ended with the tolling of all the New York City church bells and the sound of the horns of every vessel in New York Harbor at 10:20am, the exact time the second tower fell on September 11,2001.

Launch 5 proceeded  up the Hudson, patrolling around the northern tip of Manhattan and back down the Harlem River. The crew stopped for a break at the NYPD Harbor Unit repair shop and after a short visit with Sergeant Mike Murphy and his team, continued back down the river. Launch 5 was on station in the North Cove again at 5pm, this time for President Bush's tribute.)

   The day's events, simultaneously sad and uplifting, went off without incident at the end of which, a tired Launch 5 crew headed home. 

    For more detailed information about Launch 5, her history, restoration, and crew, go to www.Launch5.com


   Robert R. Daraio, FSO-PB/MV from Flotilla FL 67, District Dist 1(SR) has been nominated for Best Marine Dealer Visitor in the USCG Auxiliary.

(This is an award voted on by any member of the USCG Auxiliary who chooses to participate by nominating someone or voting.)

He is recommended for recognition in MV because:

   Bob joined the US Coast Guard Auxiliary in January 2002. In his first 6 months he Qualified as MDV, VE and IT , completed AUXCOM, recruited 12 new members (people from WPIX TV where he works, and even his brother), produced 14 Radio Public Service Announcements, participated a one hour live radio call-in show, trained 8 new MDVs and 4 new VEs, helped teach three 1 day BSC PE courses, and did over 200 Marine Dealer Visits. He also developed and edits the FL-67 newsletter "Ratlines" on-line at www.ratlines.com.

   Bob's activities in the Division 6 MDV program in District 1(SR) are listed in "Re-defining the Box" in the "For
Top Of This Page Safety's Sake" Newsletter of July 2002.


The Marine Dealer Visitor Program
By Wayne Spivak, ADSO-CS 1SR

  (Reprinted from "FOR SAFETY'S SAKE" The Newsletter of the National Department of Vessel Examinations and Marine dealer Visitors.)

The Marine Dealer Visitor program has been a crucial part of the Auxiliary's Recreational Boating Safety campaign for quite a few years. During that time, interpretations by the participants in the MDV program on whom a Marine Dealer was and who wasn’t a Dealer have been long established.

   Well, for one MDV in the 1SR, the status quo just didn’t make the grade. Robert Daraio of Flotilla 6-7 didn’t think the MDV program was serving enough of the boating public. The program wasn’t targeting the right locations to reach the maximum number of recreational boaters. He decided to give the program a little shot in the arm.

   His plan was simple. Think not like a boater, but as a consumer, who boated. Follow this consumer on their appointed rounds in a given week, and seek out new ways of informing the boating consumer, about Recreational Boating Safety (RBS). Now, you’re probably saying to yourself… “Self, I don’t have that type of time to go stalking someone who boats…” But it isn’t that difficult. Just put yourself in their shoes. You’re living in a boating community. Where do you go in a given day? The Post Office? The drug store? The cleaners? The deli? The package goods store? If you said yes and more places, then you’ve just begun to re-define the box.

   That’s just what Robert did. He made a list of these different places and then put an explanation next to the list as an argument for why the establishment should be a participant in the Marine Dealer program.

US Post Office:  People who live in a boating community visit the post office, which is a government facility. It should be easy to convince the Postmaster.

Drug Store:     You buy sun glasses, sun tan cream, personal items to take with you when you boat – great place for
Top Of This Page a RBS info stand, by the check out counter.

Dry Cleaner:    Got to keep those clothes clean after a day of boating.

Deli/Grocery:  Got to eat on the boat. You probably go to the Deli around the corner from the Marina! Refreshments, chips, all the same reasons for the Deli.

   Why expand the box? Because the odds have it that you and your family, and those other boaters and their families spend more time at some of the places listed above than they do in the Marina or other traditional boating stores. I know I do, in fact I spend practically no time in Marina’s or boat stores. And when I do, I want to get in and get out  (preferably with my wallet still intact). I spend more time going to the cleaners, the Post Office, and the deli.

   Expanding the traditional box has enabled Robert Daraio to expand the MDV program in Ossining, New York. In the first month, he had to refill the RBS stand at the Post Office and at the local pharmacy four (4) times each. Now that’s a lot of people….reading about boating safety!

   By taking Robert’s example, you can expand your MDV program in your hometown. It doesn’t take any extra time or money. It doesn’t get into a turf war. All it takes is looking at an old program with new eyes.

   Robert Daraio joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary in January 2002, after the events of the World Trade Terrorist attack. Robert, like many of the new members (I joined in December 2001, for some of the same reasons) have new ideas and takes on old programs. By sharing and expanding the boxes, we all can improve the delivery of our ever expanding missions, all centering on Recreational Boating Safety.




(Bob Daraio & Skip Mumford receive Rotary  Plaques from Club President Howard Penn.)

   On Wednesday, September 18, 2002 Skip Mumford and Bob Daraio were the guest speakers at the Ossining Rotary Club. The Rotary members welcomed Skip and Bob with a song and were a very receptive group. Skip and Bob discussed Operation Boat Smart, AIM, and reasons to join the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. They wereTop Of This Page each presented a Rotary Plaque by President Edward Falcone, and enjoyed a nice lunch.

Things to Know Before You Go!

 This list was developed by Auxiliarist Joseph M Welsh, 5N


   Capt. Frank Kendrick was laid to rest in St. Joseph's Cemetery after a funeral Mass attended by more than 200 people, including the Mayor of Yonkers, USCG Auxiliarists, and representatives of Marine Fire, Police, and EMS Units from up and down the Hudson River.

   Kendrick, 71, the leader of the U.S. Volunteer Life-Saving Corps who dedicated his life to patrolling the Hudson River from his base near the Yonkers Pier since the 1950s, died after jumping into the river to rescue a 29-year-old woman who survived an apparent suicide attempt on September 11, 2002..

   "Certainly, whenever I see and think of the Hudson River, I'll think of Frank and his heroic past," said Monsignor Hugh J. Corrigan, pastor of the Church of the Immaculate Conception (St. Mary's), where the funeral service was held.

   After the funeral, police escorted the motorcade to the cemetery for a brief interment ceremony. Mourners then returned to downtown Yonkers, where a reception was held in Kendrick's honor at the Yonkers Pier. Kendrick's family was escorted to the middle of the Hudson River by the Yonkers police Harbor Unit and Coast Guard Auxiliary Facility Launch 5 for a ceremony that culminated with the tossing of a wreath into the water.

   Throughout the afternoon, hundreds of well-wishers stopped by the pier to offer condolences to Kendrick's wife, Kay, and the rest of the family. Workers from a nearby construction site who had gotten to know Kendrick in theTop Of This Page past several months placed crisp new U.S. flags around the pier's railing. 

   Mayor John Spencer praised Kendrick's lifetime of dedication to helping others and said he would be greatly missed.

   "A lot of people throw the word 'hero' around, but this guy was a real hero in every sense of the word," Spencer said. "He was the best." Spencer said he planned to meet with the family soon to discuss a fitting way to memorialize Kendrick, which could include renaming the Yonkers Pier in his honor.



Admiral Thomas H. Collins (R) presenting the
citation to COMO Bertelsen and COMO Edgerton
on behalf of the members of the Auxiliary.

 September 2002

The Commandant of the Coast Guard takes pleasure in presenting the




for services as set forth in the following CITATION:

   "For exceptionally meritorious service from 11 September 2001 through 1 September 2002 for providing unprecedented levels of dedicated public service and operational, logistical and administrative volunteer support to
Top Of This Page the United States Coast Guard and the Nation.

   Immediately following the events of 11 September, Auxiliarists stood up to the plate as never before, supporting operations to keep America's coasts, harbors and waterways secure. To increase overall operational readiness and capability in order to provide the best support possible for both new and traditional missions, the Auxiliary initiated and then executed Operational Patriot Readiness.

   In the first year since implementation, this highly successful operation has resulted in an estimated one-half million hours of dedicated volunteer support for the maritime security mission, through operations involving surface and air multi-mission harbor patrols, backfill search and rescue support and standby duties, as well as administrative and logistics activities. Further, the operation has been highly successful in preparing the Auxiliary for support in potential future maritime security surge operations.

   Since 11 September, Auxiliarists have proudly stood the watch side by side with Coast Guard active duty, Reserve, and civilian shipmates onboard cutters as well as at stations, groups, air stations, and marine safety offices throughout America. They have patrolled waters across the country to ensure the safety of our citizens and the security of our port facilities, vessels, dams, and power plants.

   At the same time, Auxiliarists have continued to save lives and property at sea and assist mariners in distress. They have never wavered in their strong commitment to the prevention of loss of life at sea through ongoing recreational and commercial vessel safety checks at berths and boat ramps, boating safety courses in classrooms, and marine dealer visits promoting the boating safety program.

   The generous, patriotic spirit of America's Volunteer Lifesavers has exemplified our Nation's standard for volunteerism. The professionalism and devotion to duty of the 36,000 members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary are in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Coast Guard."

   The Operational Distinguishing Device is authorized.

Thomas H. Collins
Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard
Top Of This Page




(Images by Alice Child)


 (Vinny Stafford & Janet Morra pass a radio to a Jet Ski operator)

   On Sunday September 25, 110  brave people participated in the annual "Swim Across the Hudson for MS". Supported by State, County, and Local Marine Police and Fire Units, the Facilities of USCGA Division 6 provided security for this event. River Keeper was on hand to assist. Jet skis and over 100 Kayaks were used to keep the swimmers safe as well. 

   This dedicated group swam the long stretch of the Hudson River, to show support for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the fighting spirit of the man-kind.

   A total of 3-miles, "Swim Across the Hudson", went from the shores of Piermont to the beaches of Irvington.


        (A Winner!)        (Steve Schmidt with crew and rescued swimmer)   

   When the river’s strong currents changed course with the tide, taking half the swimmers north, up the river, their kayakers followed and USCG Facilities came to the rescue, aiding the swimmers to complete this amazing, inspiring, achievement. 106 swimmers completed the 3 mile swim unassisted. Four people were taken  aboard AuxiliaryTop Of This Page vessels when too exhausted to continue.

    The Irvington shores were charged with high emotion and cheers as young, old, men, women, MS victims, and healthy swimmers, gracefully exited the choppy waters.  All came in between 50 minutes and 3 hours. It was a well orchestrated, successful event.

   The other big success story was an estimated $60,000 was raised to help end the devastating effects of MS, through "Swim Across The Hudson".

   If you would like to make any donations, or have any questions about the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the "Swim Across the Hudson"; visit their site: www.fightms.org , or write: MS Society, 2 Gannett Drive, Suite LC, White Plains, NY 10604


(Images by Janet Morra)

    It was about 7pm on Sunday, August 18, 2002.  Launch 5 had completed a successful navigation  training session and was heading home. Coxswain Greg Porteus sighted a vessel in the Alpine Marina near Englewood Cliffs, NJ that was fully engulfed in flames.  Greg called the emergency situation in to USCG Activities New York  as the LaunchTop Of This Page made a beeline to the Marina and was the first on the scene. 

   Janet Morra, on her first mission since becoming Crew Qualified this past week, used the binoculars and made out the Registration No.  NJ 2019 just before that information was burned off the vessel. Nobody was visible on the boat as Launch 5 made the approach, but subsequently it was learned that there had been 2 people aboard. They were taken to the hospital by ambulance for treatment.  One passenger's injuries required a stretcher. 

   Greg and Janet, with the help of the other Launch 5 Crew members Skip Mumford and Cliff Forrest, kept boats from getting too close to the burning vessel until  Yonkers Police Department Marine Unit Officers John Rinciari and Pete Staruch arrived to take over traffic control.  They were busy keeping large numbers of onlookers and Marina traffic a safe distance away from the burning boat. George Farrell, a Yonkers PD Marine Unit Officer and USCG Aux, Yonkers Flotilla member, assisted as well.  Launch 9, from the NYPD Marine Unit arrived to support rescue activities. Greg continued to coordinate the efforts of the different emergency services personnel from the various agencies involved.


(YPD Marine Unit Officers John Rinciari & Pete Staruch)  

  The Coast Guard  sent a 22' RIB and conducted a thorough investigation of the accident. Two trucks from the Englewood Fire department put out the fire, which flared up again, requiring a second effort on their part to finally put this fire to rest. They were backed up by an NYFD Fireboat.

    As per the request of USCG Activities New York, the crew of Launch 5 did a careful investigation to determine if any hazard from  gasoline, oil or other toxic materials had resulted from this accident. Thankfully, no hazardous waste abatement will be required.

    This event  is a  good example of how well  the growing cooperation between Police, Fire, EMS, USCG and USCGTop Of This Page Auxiliary is working to handle the emergency situations that occur every day on the Hudson River.

 For more detailed information about Launch 5, her history, specifications, restoration, and crew go to:



The August One Day BSC class was even more successful than the two previous ones. There were 23 students. We promoted  membership in the USCG Auxiliary and mentioned "Boat Smart", whenever possible. It seems as though people are more into giving up one full day rather than going week after week for a couple of hours.

      Thanks to the following Division 6 Auxiliarists who assisted in the administering and instruction of this class; Annie Wildgoose, Skip Mumford, Bob Daraio, and Vinny Stafford.


(Images by Cliff Forrest, Jim Picciano, and  Greg Porteus

(Story by Jim Picciano FL-67)

   On 15AUG02, Launch 5 with Coxswains Jim Picciano and Greg Porteus, traveled, with Crew Cliff Forrest,  to CoastTop Of This Page Guard Station Manasquan in Pt. Pleasant NJ. to assist with the offshore power boat race on 16AUG02.

   This sharing of Flotilla 67 crew and facility from USCG Aux District 1(SR)with Division 16, 5th Northern District became possible through Chief Of Station Manasquan, Chief Viveiros and PO Carlino, on the gold side, coordinating with Patty Witham and SO/OP-16 Tom Egizi from the Auxiliary .

   After a 4hr.journey, we were greeted by Chief Viveiros and PO Carlino, along with Senior Chief Brian Pretty. We were given dock space and received a tremendously warm welcome by all. Friday morning we were invited to breakfast at the station at 0800 and then had a Coxswain race briefing at 0930.

  At 1030 Coxswains Picciano, Porteus and Crewman Forrest, along with Senior Chief Pretty took Launch 5 underway. Launch 5's job was to control spectator boat traffic outside the inlet and to help close the inlet for the start of the race. To say the least, every aboard Launch 5 was honored to have Senior Chief Pretty with us. It was a great day and experience for us.

  We thank everyone at Station Manasquan for the opportunity to be of assistance and look forward to working there again soon.

For more detailed information about Launch 5, her history, restoration, and crew, go to www.Launch5.com

NOTICE to all Coxswains, Crew, and Facility Owners:

   An Operations Patrol Assignments meeting was  held on Aug 7th at 7PM at the Washington Irving Boat Club,238 Green St. Tarrytown, NY
. Patrol Assignments for the rest of the season were given out at this meeting. Contact yourTop Of This Page Operations Officer for details.

   There was a Division meeting Tuesday, 13AUG at the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club. The meeting  at 7:30pm. Bob Daraio was appointed SO-PB. CWO Tom Peck was on hand to help resolve the Radar Policy issue. The old policy requiring radar for night patrols was rescinded.


See more at www.Launch5.com

   The crew of Launch 5 saved a drowning family that included a three year old child when their Hudson River PWC trip went awry.

   The jet ski had capsized in the busy channel and begun to sink. Only having worn their PFDs saved the operator and his family from drowning while awaiting rescue.

   Coxswain Greg Porteus with Crew Jimmy Picciano, Lou Liotti, Stephen Schmidt, Cliff Forrest, and Al Anderson was on a Safety Patrol at the Bear Mountain Bridge area of the Hudson. It was 1:15pm on 10 AUG02, when they spotted a 1/2 submerged jet ski a 1/4 mile off the west shore, the operator in the water.

   There was a kayak about 200 yards away with three people in the water, hanging on. They were later identified as the PWC operator's wife and two children, aged 6 and 3.

   "Launch 5's" crew were able to pull all four victims to into the Launch and offer First Aid, all while avoiding an oncoming, barge pushing, tugboat.

   Many thanks to motorized kayak  operator Douglas Colligar, who  offered assistance and towed the jet ski to shore.

   The rescued family was transferred from "Launch 5" to "Irish Eyes", a USCG Aux Facility with Coxswain Louis Hitchcock and Crew Steve Rinaldi, Tim Hughes, and Bill Christiaro. They returned the family safely to their home port.

    This was a fine example of USCG Auxiliary seamanship and teamwork, utilizing all available assets to a successful,Top Of This Page safe outcome.

   Remember, however, all of the effort, equipment,  training, and courage involved in this rescue would have been to no avail without one vitally important Boat Smart fact:


For more detailed information about Launch 5, her history, restoration, and crew, go to www.Launch5.com


   The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) recently honored Bob Daraio , SO/PB-06, for his work as a video engineer and robotic camera operator on  WPIX's Emmy Award winning program  "The WB11 News at 10" .


   Lynn Valenti, Flotilla 67 FSO-PA,  has been awarded "The American Red Cross Certificate of Appreciation". The award is in recognition of her valuable service in response to the events of September 11,2001.

   Lynn responded within minutes of the first plane's attack and worked hundreds of hours as a volunteer truck driver for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Unit, delivering many tons of food, water and supplies to emergency workers at ground zero and to displaced residents of the downtown area.

   Quoted in the citation are the words of Dr Martin Luther King Jr." The ultimate measure of a person is not where they stand in moments of comfort, but where they stand at times of challenge and controversy" It goes on to say of Lynn;" In the midst of shock and grief, you were among those who stepped forward to heal."

   Lynn's "ride to the sound of the guns" attitude is one of the reasons she is such a valued member of our organization.

JULY 2002


See more at www.Launch5.com

     Sunday, July 21, a PFD and the crew of Launch 5, a Flotilla 67 USCG Auxiliary Operational Facility, saved a life.

   While patrolling the Hudson River on USCG Aux Orders, Coxswain Greg Porteus received a call to assist another USCG Aux Facility with engine trouble. Greg, along with Launch 5  crew members Wayne Pickhardt, Jimmy Picciano, Marion and Jack Hayes proceeded to the scene and took the vessel in tow.

    After returning the damaged vessel safely to port,  the crew of Launch 5 rescued a semiconscious PWC operatorTop Of This Page from a drowning situation.

     The White Plains resident was enjoying a jet ski ride on the Hudson, when the weather changed. The 230 pound man in his middle 30's headed for safe harbor, buffeted by the high winds and swells that capsized his PWC before he could make it to shore. Luckily he was wearing his    lifejacket, which kept him afloat until rescued.

   lifevest.gif (3668 bytes)

      In four foot seas, Launch 5 pulled alongside the capsized jet ski and the crew was able to get a life ring and line around the exhausted individual. The crew of Launch 5 struggled in the high winds, but were able to pull him into the boat and provide first aid.

   They then salvaged the capsized and sinking PWC and brought both vessel and operator safely home.  

    Greg knew his 53 ft. 25 ton Launch 5 was too big to bring the PWC into the Ossining Village Boat Ramp. He called USCG Auxiliary Coxswain Vinny Stafford at home and had Vinny bring a small USCG Aux work boat Facility to meet Launch 5 at Ossining. They transferred the towed PWC to Vinny's Facility. Vinny brought the jet ski in to the boat ramp and on to it's trailer, which the owner's family had made ready at the ramp.

   After being checked by Auxiliary member and EMT Marion Hayes, the soggy, shaken, but safe PWC Operator was met at the dock by family members, who declined an ambulance and took him home. He is fully recovered from his ordeal and grateful to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary and his lifejacket for saving his life.

    It was a busy and productive patrol. This story is another example of why it's important to boat smart from the start, wear your lifejacket.

    Members of the USCG Auxiliary, family and friends met to celebrate this fine example of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary's boating safety efforts Monday, July 22 at Danny's Cafe.

For more detailed information about Launch 5, her history, restoration, and crew, go to www.Launch5.com


   Danny DiPaola, owner of "Danny's Cafe" on Main Street, in Ossining generously offered to change one of hisTop Of This Page Motorcycle Monday" promotions into a "Bikes and Boats Night".

   The wait staff kitchen crew and band wore  USCG Aux logo shirts and offered  a free beverage with each shirt sale! Harriet and Ed Kraynik, Don Lloyd, Bob, Gayle, John, and Steven Daraio, Lynn Valenti, Bill and Gail Voss, Jimmy Picciano, Greg Porteus, Sandy Weiser, Alice Child, and about 30 other assorted friends and family joined us an interesting evening of fellowship at Danny's Cafe, Monday, 22JULY02 from 7pm to midnight.


   There was a Fellowship Cookout on Sunday July 14 from 2pm to dark, hosted by the Division 6 Public Affairs Team. Harriet  and Ed Kraynik, Annie Wildgoose, Lynn Valenti, Janet Morra, Vinny Stafford, Jimmy Picciano, Alex Cascione, Sandy Weiser with wife Edie and son Jessie, Skip Mumford, Kevin Lustyk, Jen Cleary and her Mom, Don Lloyd and his lovely wife, Frank Maresca with his wife Angie and daughter Sandra, and Steve Daraio with his son John, were there. Also  Greg Porteus, his wife and a host of Porteus brothers, cousins, nephews, etc. (Is the plural Porteuses or Portei ?, I'm not sure.) There were a dozen or so WPIX people, Mike Genadry from the hit NBC show "ED" and an assortment of Daraio family and friends.

   The food was Portuguese; chicken, ribs, pork, shrimp, and the usual assortment of salads, potatoes and veggies. Desert was Chocolate Cake, three kinds!

   In the middle of the day Greg, Janet, and Jimmy took a launch load of kids up the Hudson to Bear Mountain and back. They had a super time out on the river.

   All in all it was a great day.


   On 13 July 2002, Jim DiPelesi, IPDCP Div. 06, and Chris Stewart, VFC 06-03, were doing a Safety Patrol on Lake Mahopac, when they spotted  a swimmer in the busy boat channel.

   This being an unsafe area for swimmers, Jim and Chris went to investigate.  They brought their vessel to within safe hailing distance, explained the danger, and offered assistance to the clearly exhausted swimmer.

   He refused any help and in spite of the warning, continued on. Jim and Chris followed at a respectful distance, but were ready to respond when, as expected, the swimmer floundered.

   Racing to his side, our intrepid USCG Auxiliary crew threw him a flotation aid and saw the swimmer safely to shore.

   This application of experience, skill and sensitivity is demonstrative of, and in keeping with, the highest traditions of The US Coast guard and USCG Auxiliary.


Click for video of Launch 5 in action  4th of July

See more at www.Launch5.com

      Launch 5, Ptl. Wallburger. (Facility #523269) made its first official USCG Auxiliary Patrol on 4JULY02. Top Of This Page

Greg Porteus was the Coxswain, with Lou Liotti and Jimmy Picciano, (both also Coxswains), as crew. Janet Morra, Bob Daraio, Jack Sheehy, Steve Sheehy and Alex Cascione (a Coxswain) were also aboard, along with Lynn Valenti, who planned and coordinated this event, and John Bednarik, USCG Auxiliary District 1(SR) Public Affairs Officer, (also a Coxswain).

    We left from Ossining, NY at 11am and picked up the three person CBS Network News Crew on the 79th Street Boat Basin Dock at 1pm. The CBS Crew shot footage on USCG Auxiliary activities in NY Harbor for both their CBS Evening News broadcast and B-roll for promos and PSAs for us.

   We were able to do a screening of some of the great footage of Launch 5, numerous USCG Vessels, and a number of NYPD Harbor Unit Facilities, including the new NYPD Launch 5, at the Division six meeting on 9JULY02 .

     CBS will also be covering the story of former NYPD Harbor Patrol Launch #5,Ptl Wallburger. This facility is a 52 ft, 25 ton, steel launch, the only powerboat ever designed by Phillip Rhodes, famous for the sailboat class that bears his name.

   After serving 30 years with the NYPD and appearing in the movies "Splash" and "Crocodile Dundee" retired and sold to private parties   who abandoned the facility on the Passaic River, where it was  striped and sunk.

   Greg Porteus, a retired NYS Trooper and his Dad, a retired NYPD Harbor Unit Officer, found and raised Launch #5 from the bottom of the river. They, along with members of the USCG Auxiliary, serving and retired NYPD Harbor Unit officers, have spent countless hours restoring Launch #5 to brand new, mint condition. The Launch has been inspected and is now USCG Aux Operational Facility #523269.

    A thank you to all those Auxiliary and Gold side people who helped in arranging for the proper orders for this important Public Affairs Mission.

For more detailed information about Launch 5, her history, restoration, and crew, go to www.Launch5.com


   The Yonkers Flotilla sponsored a July 4 celebration. There was fireworks, music, and USCG Aux activities all day.  The members who ran the USCGA booth were Flotilla 68 Commander Art Spinner, FL68 FSO-PA Wayne Pickhardt, and from Flotilla 67, Member Annie Wildgoose and VFC Don Lloyd. Flotilla 67's Facility "Launch 5" stopped by on it'sTop Of This Page way down to New York City. The crew got a great reception from the crowd.


   Harriet Kraynik, Annie Wildgoose, Lynn Valenti, Jimmy Picciano, Bob Daraio, and Greg Porteus finished the six week AUXCOM course. Everyone passed the final exam. Thanks to FL68 FC Art Spinner and his VFC Kevin Hanley for their great job teaching this important training class. Anyone wishing to be a Watch Stander at the new Flotilla 68 radio facility, contact Art or Kevin  for scheduling.

June 2002

Coast Guard Auxiliary Achievement Award: Charles Sferra

  On June 22, 2002 Charlie Sferra was presented with the USCG Auxiliary Achievement Award for his outstanding administrative support from 11SEP02 to 14SEP02 following the disaster at The World Trade Center.



   The annual "Poker Run" powerboat race with 160 boats hitting speeds of over 150mph was held this past Saturday. The race runs up the Hudson River from New York City to the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club and back. Auxiliarists Vinny Stafford, Lou Lioti, and Janet Morra crewed Vinny's boat; Greg Porteus had Wayne Pickhardt and Lynn Valenti in the RIB; Jimmy Picciano was out on his PWC, Bill Logan had his boat out with Steve Schmidt and Larry Via; And Don Twiss had Kevin Lustyk and a class of trainees from their flotilla with them. The race went off without a hitch.


    The fair was great fun with live music, dancing, jugglers, fire-eaters, unicycles, great food and the United states Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Don Lloyd, Ed Kraynik, Janet Morra, Danny DiPaola, Ed Klotz, and Bob Daraio gave out Boating Safety, AIM, Membership and Public Safety Class information to the well over 1000 attendees. We wereTop Of This Page interviewed by GOTV, the Ossining Public access TV Station and promoted the Boat Smart program.


 All 6 students and USCG Aux Member Bob Daraio completed the 1 day PWC course on 25JUN02. The class was held at the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club. Thanks to VFC Don Lloyd for yet another job well done.



  We did our second one day Boating Safety Course on July 13. Don Lloyd ran the class with assistance from Annie Wildgoose, Ed Kraynik, Vinny Stafford, Dick Birgler, Bob Daraio, and Skip Mumford. There were 15 students at the July 13 course. They seemed to enjoy the presentations and everyone passed.

  We did our first one day Boating Safety Course on June 1. Don Lloyd ran the class with assistance from Annie Wildgoose, Ed Kraynik, Vinny Stafford, Dick Birgler, and Skip Mumford. Bob Daraio taught the sections needed to complete his Instructor Program Qualification.



(Lynn Valenti, FSO/PA-67, Bob Daraio SO/PB-06 at Fleet Week 2002)

    This year's Fleet Week was great fun. Don LLoyd and Bob Daraio spent two days there. Don was assigned to the USCG Tall Ship, The Eagle. Bob assisted on a security checkpoint and on the coast Guard Cutter Ridley.

    WPIX did a Fleet Week story for the WB11 Morning News as did NBC's Sunday Today Show. Both featured USCG Auxiliarists with Coastie. There will be a special screening of both pieces at the 19JUN02 Flotilla meeting. Top Of This Page


MAY 2002 

Alexander Hamilton's Wreath- Laying Ceremony,
Tuesday, May 21, 2002

On Tuesday, May 21, 2002, Auxiliary members from Division 5 and 6 gathered at the Trinity Church (NYC) grave of Alexander Hamilton and laid a wreath to honor the nation's first Secretary of the Treasury and founder of the Coast Guard. LT Angela Cooper from Activities New York officiated, reading an excerpt from Hamilton's first instructions to Revenue Cutter captains issued June 4, 1791. LT. Cooper, Dr. Janice Jackson, DVCP Division 5, and a Coast Guard color guard led the ceremony.


On May 23, there was a two hour GPS course at the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club.  Handheld GPS were lent to us for demonstration, courtesy of Westerly Marina. The class went well, and was well attended. Don hopes to do this again later in the season.

(Don Lloyd, FL67 VC presents NSBW Award to  Gary Scherer, Commodore OBCC)Top Of This Page


   Don Lloyd and Bob Daraio represented the USCG Aux at this event. There was a bagpiper, USMC Color Guard, NY State Police Boat, and a flag raising . Don presented a NSBW Certificate of Appreciation to the OBCC Commodore and Bob presented the USCG Auxiliary Flag. There was  a membership meeting of the OBCC on Weds, July 10 at 8pm. VFC Don Lloyd, FSO-PB/MV Bob Daraio and Member Liz Feldman were there as representatives of Flotilla 67.


   Public Affairs events are a lot like baseball. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains... It poured, the field flooded, Coastie broke down, the Helo cancelled.

   On the other hand, Danny DiPaola, Lynn Valenti, Steve Daraio, Lou Liotti, Don Lloyd, Frank Maresca, Janet Morra, Annie Wildgoose, Greg Porteus, and Bob Daraio represented Flotilla 67, with Dick Birgler, Jim DiPelesi, Kevin Lustyk, Bill Logan, who brought his boat out on this soggy and wet day and Larry Via from the rest of Division 6.

   What a GREAT turn out!

   We were joined by a dozen officers from the Westchester Department of Corrections and a group from the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club. The OBCC invited us to preview a wonderful 9/11 presentation, we drank a lot of coffee, sold a bunch of shirts, and went home to be with our families.

Auxiliary PFDs

   Can we or can't we wear the Auxiliary PFD when not on patrol? That's the PFD that says CG Auxiliary on the back. Well, the official word is as follows:

  PFDs with Auxiliary markings are not considered a "distinctive part of the uniform"... but rather organizational clothing: that clothing necessary to perform a particular Coast Guard assignment... When participating in personal recreational boating activities, and therefore not in uniform or displaying patrol signs, members may wear their PFD with USCG Auxiliary markings... As in the case of any clothing bearing Auxiliary logos, PFDs should not be worn when engaging in commercial enterprises, political activities, or in any place or manner thatTop Of This Page would bring dishonor to the organization.


   Our Press Release for the NSBW event May 18, was printed in the OSSINING GAZETTE, BOATERS WORLD, BOATING ON HUDSON, and THE JOURNAL NEWS. NSBW has been promoted on WPIX, NEWS 12, and WNYW TV, WHUD and WVOX Radio. We made an assortment of web sites including the NSBW site, NY1, WPIX, WNYW, and News12 Westchester websites and did a one hour, LIVE RADIO BROADCAST from WVOX in New Rochelle. We had nice articles in the July BOATING ON HUDSON and a number of issues of the OSSINING GAZETTE.


  On Saturday May 4, 2002 Flotilla 67 members Greg Porteus, Lynn Valenti and Bob Daraio joined Civil Air Patrol member Amanda Porteus in our first, live, one hour USCGA Radio Program. We were live on WVOX, New Rochelle, NY from 10 to 11am. The program discussed the USCG AUX mandate to support the non-military, non-law enforcement missions of the United States Coast Guard and the exciting opportunities for training, public service, and fellowship available to our members. They spoke at length about Operation Boat Smart, the Academy Introduction Mission (AIM), current Public Education classes, and Search And Rescue (SAR). They promoted the upcoming Fleet Week starting May 22 as well as our own NSBW event in Ossining on May 18.

APRIL 2002


   The USCG Auxiliary,Flotilla-67 Newsletter, "RATLINES" begins publication with the April 2002 issue. Ratlines will go on-line in May 2002 at www.ratlines.com

WHUD "Kid Safe Day" 20APR02

   On Saturday 20 April 2002 our Division participated in the WHUD sponsored "Kid Safe Day" at the Westchester County Center. 14 USCG Auxiliarists were with many other public safety, recreation, medical, and law enforcement professionals visited by 6000 Westchester children and parents. We gave out over 450 pounds of Boating safety brochures, posters, coloring books, and class schedules. Lynn Valenti and Greg Porteus took over 550 Polaroid pictures of children enjoying climbing in our USCG Aux, bright orange, RIB and gave the pictures to their beaming parents. Frank Maresca had to go buy more film four times!  Steve Schmidt and Jim DiPelesi played Ring Buoy Toss with more happy children than I could count. Don Lloyd, Betsy Blee, Annie Wildgoose,
Kevin Lustyk, Jimmy Picciano, Shawnee Wallace, Julia Dolan, Andy Schiffer, and John, (a guy who must have lifted 1500 kids in and out of the boat and whose last name will appear in next month's newsletter with my apology for a senior moment), all enjoyed that fellowship born of hard work for a good cause, with good friends. Thanks to everyone for a job well done.


   Division 6 Public Education Instructor Briefing was held at the Ossining Boat and Canoe Club from 9am to 1pm onTop Of This Page April 13, 2002.

   NY State Assembly woman Sandra Galef has introduced a bill to update section 2336-b of NYS Insurance Law to reduce boating accidents by requiring marine insurers to grant rate reductions to boat owners who pass an approved boating safety course.

   S6257 is a Bill that would increase Boat Registration Fees to generate funds to match federal funding for the Boat Infrastructure Grant (BIG). This program will help offset the cost of harbor dredging that needs to be done every 5 to 8 years to keep marinas and boat ramps on the Hudson open.

Senator Leibell is sponsoring S6197 which would outlaw the sale of Hudson River Striped Bass. This bill is a result of increased interest in commercial fishing due to the continuing decrease in PCP concentrations in the Hudson River Stripped Bass population.


MARCH 2002


Jim DiPelesi, PDCP-6 receives award as skipper and for his crew at the 1(SR)District Conference. The event was held at the Tarrytown Hilton.


   On March 19th, Don LLoyd and his crew of Instructors started an 8 week BSS course at John Jay Middle School in Cross River, NY.

   Crew Training is ongoing on Thursdays at the OBCC.



   The eight week BSS class at Mildred Strang Middle School in Yorktown Heights began on February 7. CrewTop Of This Page Training will be held every Thursday at OBCC.


Happy New Year!!     


We Need You -- The Coast Guard Auxiliary is called upon to provide essential services to the Coast Guard as they focus more heavily on their military missions.  We need all the help we can get.  You needn't own a boat or be an experienced boater, since our missions are wide-ranging.  For information about Auxiliary missions and the Auxiliary in general, go to our Join the Auxiliary web page.  You will find there a form through which you can ask that a localTop Of This Page Auxiliarist make contact with you to explore the ways in which you can assist Team Coast Guard.

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