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Paddlesports are the fastest growing area of recreational boating. Sports and Utility Boats are everywhere on our Lakes, Rivers, and Oceans from coast to coast. Below are links to information that will help Auxiliarists learn about this exciting area of recreational boating. The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is committed to reminding all recreational boaters to:


Important Topics:

Paddleboards Now Classified As Vessels

NASBLA And Paddle Sports Boating Safety

Operation Paddle Smart

SUB News And Press

SUBs Paddle Sports

SUBs Canoes

SUBs Kayaks

SUBs Rowing


Sports And Utility Boats Glossary

SUB Schools And Trips

SUB Skill Level Classifications

Smart Start For Paddlers


Sports And Utility Boats Accident Database

Sport And Utility Boat Associations

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SUB Branch Chief Job Description And Duties

Vessel Safety Checks for SUBs

VE Training Materials


Vessel Examinations

Peter Urgola, Department Chief - Vessel Examinations
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Richard Myrick, Division Chief - Vessel Examinations
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Alexander Cascione, Branch Chief - Sports & Utility Boats Program
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