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VE Training Materials

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is committed to reminding all recreational boaters to:


Other than presentations created by the US Coast Guard, these presentations are unofficial training aids, and, in some cases need to be reviewed to reflect local operating procedures. These presentations may be modified to adjust for local conditions.

Users are reminded that regulations and rules change, so always review content for current information. Any user is allowed to change a presentation to update to current practices and training standards.

Flash Presentations are listed below the power point presentations and can be viewed by almost any web browser. You may need to update your web browser and/or install the free Flash plug in at Macromedia-flashplayer. Flash presentations load quickly, just click on the slide to see the next slide.Top Of This Page

Last Revised - 04/19/2008

VSC Manuals

Workshops for 2008 may be downloaded here or you can also order a CD from ANSC. The V Department 2008 Workshop CD is ANSC 2001A. The 2008 V Workshops are not mandatory but are encouraged to keep our members up to date in the VE and PV areas.


Program Visitor Workshop 2008 -- The following are parts of the 2008 Program Visitor Workshop and require Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft PowerPoint:  

Vessel Examinations

Peter Urgola, Department Chief - Vessel Examinations
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Richard Myrick, Division Chief - Vessel Examinations
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Alexander Cascione, Branch Chief - Sports & Utility Boats Program
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