Sports & Utility Boats (SUBs) 

Branch Chief, Sports & Utility Boats Program Branch Chief, BC-VES


Job Description BC-VES

1. An active VE with Paddle Sports experience required.

2. An active VE with people, communication and administrative skills required.

3. reports to Richard Myrick, Division Chief - Vessel Examinations


a. Assist the Chief, Vessel Examination Division in performing his duties as related to the Sport and Utility Boats Program.

b. Be responsible for the administration and evaluation of the Sport and Utility Boat Program.

c. Develop relationships with SUBS organizations e.g., American Canoe Association. Promote the   SUBS Program on a continuing basis.

d. Develop new programs for the expansion/development VSC program.

e. Assist in the development of VSC updates and/or rewrites.

f.  Maintain a close relationship with the Visitation Program BC-VPD.

g. Maintain a close relationship with the Vessel Examiner Program BC-VED

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is committed to reminding all recreational boaters to:



Alex Cascione DVC-VE <>

Starting as a toddler he's been in, on, or under the water ever since, with over 40 years boating experience and over 30 years scuba diving around the world. He currently owns a small sail boat and a cabin cruiser. As a member of the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, Alex has served as DSO-MV, BC-MVA, ADSO-MV, ADSO-OBS (AV), SO-ATON, VFC, FSO-MV, FSO-MS, FSO-PA, achieved AUX. OP., MV, VE, Instructor, Observer, Air Crew, Crew, and ATON Verifier.

Education: BS Biology/Chemistry,BS Chemistry, MS Chemistry, Required Courses Ph D.

Military: 1st Lt. Infantry- Korea, Six years Reserves.

Career Highlights: President Case Associates- consulting engineers, Vice President R&D CFO’N, Director of Engineering Nabisco Brands, Manager R&D Nestle.

Personal: Engineering Consultant, Para Legal, Pilot, Scuba Instructor, Fellow American Institute of Chemists.

Vessel Examinations

Peter Urgola, Department Chief - Vessel Examinations
Send email to DC-V

Richard Myrick, Division Chief - Vessel Examinations
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Alexander Cascione, Branch Chief - Sports & Utility Boats Program
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