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Semper Paratus - Always Ready is the motto for Team Coast Guard

United States Coast Guard
Semper Paratus From Aztec shore to Arctic zone, to Europe and Far East.
The Flag is carried by our ships in times of war and peace;
And never have we struck it yet in spite of foe-men's might,
Who cheered our crews and cheered again for showing how to fight.

The HUDSON and the TAMPA, the names are hard to match;
From Barrow's shores shore to Paraguay, Great Lakes or ocean's wave,
The Coast Guard fought through storms and winds, To punish or to save

Aye, we've been "Always Ready",  To do to fight, or die
Write glory to the shield we wear,  In letters to the sky.
To sink the foe or save the maimed, Our mission and our pride,
We'll carry on 'til Kingdom Come, Ideals for which we've died.

So here's the Coast Guard marching song, We sing on land or sea.
Through surf and storm and howling gale, High shall our purpose be.
"Semper Paratus" is our guide, Our fame, our glory too,
To fight to save or fight and die!  Aye! Coast Guard we are for you!

-Captain Francis Saltus Van Boskerck, USCG, 1927.
Words and Music Copyright by Sam Fox Publishing Co, Inc.

See Semper Paratus for history.

While Semper Paratus - "Always Ready" is the motto for Team Coast Guard, our own Betsy Blee, FC-66, has coined a new, perhaps more apt motto for Division 6, D1SR USCG Auxiliary:

"Semper Gumby- Always Flexible"


We Need You -- The Coast Guard Auxiliary is called upon to provide essential services to the Coast Guard as they focus more heavily on their military missions.  We need all the help we can get.  You needn't own a boat or be an experienced boater, since our missions are wide-ranging.  For information about Auxiliary missions and the Auxiliary in general, go to our Join the Auxiliary web page.  You will find there a form through which you can ask that a local Auxiliarist make contact with you to explore the ways in which you can assist Team Coast Guard.

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