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                           BOAT SMART FROM THE START         

                  HAVE THE PROPER PFD TOOLS

Equipment for Your Life Jacket

Life jackets and using them has been a major topic for preventing the loss of life. Wearing them properly has been an issue and should be reviewed by instructors in every public education class.

Life Jackets Save Lives Click the link to learn more about PFDs.

Properly equipping a life jacket with a few additional safety items and learning how to use those tools can improve the probability of detection when a person is in the water.

Boating after sunset means decreased visibility and requires extra safety precautions when operating during the hours between sunset and sunrise.

Adding the safety equipment to every personís life jacket will insure that they are more visible in the water during times of reduced visibility.Top Of This Page

Additional Items that should be attached to life jackets include:


                                   Strobe                    or                           Chemical Light                         Top Of This Page

                                 Dye Marker                                Signaling Mirror  

Dye Marker                                 Signaling Mirror


                         Whistle                              Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB)



Adding a knife to adult life jackets is optional, but should be considered. Check with local law enforcement to make sure you boat knife complies with relevant laws.

We Need You -- The Coast Guard Auxiliary is called upon to provide essential services to the Coast Guard as they focus more heavily on their military missions.  We need all the help we can get.  You needn't own a boat or be an experienced boater, since our missions are wide-ranging.  For information about Auxiliary missions and the Auxiliary in general, go to our Join the Auxiliary web page.  You will find there a form through which you can ask that a local Auxiliarist make contact with you to explore the ways in which you can assist Team Coast Guard. To learn more go to Charting Your Course in the USCG Auxiliary.Top Of This Page

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