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05 SEP 2008
Marine Units Test Thermal Imaging Equipment
RPD Officers Mauricio Gomez and Larry Mano
Officers Mauricio Gomez, left, and Larry Miano of the Rye Police Marine Unit look at the thermal imaging system FLIR 
during a demonstration to various law enforcement agencies. The demonstration was held yesterday at the Shattemuc Yacht Club. 
(Matthew Brown/The Journal News)
28 AUG 2008
Gaylef Proposes Certification for Power Boaters
 The Gazette  
To see the original Gazette article as it appeared Click Here.
18 AUG 2008

Education is first safety rule on the Hudson

By Stephen Blackman The Journal News August 18, 2008

Richie Detz, Charlie Luceno, and Greg Porteus on Launch 5


JUN 2008
To see the Soundings Article as it appeared see the links below:
Soundings June 2008 Article Page 1
Soundings June 2008 Article Page 2
Soundings June 2008 Article Page 3
12 JUN 08
Search For Missing Hedge Fund Swindler
Launch 5 Searches For Jumper
Launch 5 searches the waters of the Hudson River near the Bear Mountain Bridge for the body of Samuel Israel. 
                      (Frank Becerra Jr./The Journal News) 
Launch 5 photo by NJ Sport Pics
                       07 NOV 07
Launch 5 In Radiation Detection Drill
	           26 OCT 07
Launch 5 Crew Concerned About Increased 
                Boating Fatalities
                        30 SEP 07
Launch 5 Responds To Hudson River Distress Call
                        23 SEP 07
Distress Flares On The Hudson Spark Launch 5
                       10 AUG 07
Launch 5 Crew Assists AMVER In N.Y. Harbor
                                                                              08 AUG 07
                                                       Launch 5 Crew Continues Search For Missing Man
                                                                              28 JUL 07
                                                       Launch 5 Crew Assists 2007 Empire State Games
                                                                             15 JUL 07
                                             Launch 5 Recovers Boat Adrift In Busy Channel
                                                      Read The Navigator Fall 2007Article about 
                                                                  The Boat Recovery Mission
                                                                             17 JUN 07
                                                      Launch 5 Rescue On The Hudson
                                                                          As Seen On SITREP
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                               06 NOV 06
  Launch 5, USS Intrepid, And Lady B Adventure
                              13 OCT 06
Wounded Iraq Veterans Take N.Y. Harbor Tour On Launch 5
           As Seen In Over The Bow Winter 2006
       Launch 5 with Bouy 5 photo by Bill Smith                                                                     
                           15-19 MAY 06
     Launch 5 Lauded For Loran Mission
                    As Seen On SITREP

( Launch 5 with Buoy 5 photo by Bill Smith)  
            17 JAN 06
Launch 5 In The Movies
           15 JAN 06
Launch 5 Receives Award At Division COW
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           OCT/NOV 05
Professional Mariner Mariner Article
               27 OCT 05
    Search For Missing Rower
Launch 5 photo by Bill Smith
(Launch 5 photo by Bill Smith)
              15 OCT 05
Launch 5 Investigates Sailboat Grounding
              02 OCT 05
PIW Drill And Hudson River Clean Up
               10 SEP 05
    Shattemuc Regatta 2005
              09 SEP 05
     NYPD 9/11 Memorial
            07 AUG 05
Launch 5 Involved In Multiple SARs
           23 JULY 05
       Sing Sing Save
          10 JULY 05
     Ferry Disaster Drill 
Tarrytown Fireboat and Ferry Admiral Richard E. Bennis
Tarrytown Fireboat and Ferry Admiral Richard E. Bennis
           15 JUN 05
Rear Admiral David P. Pekoske USCG On Launch 5
             JUN 05
Launch 5 Crew on Reach Out TV
Gary Scarano from Reach Out TV                             Gary with Greg Porteus and Charlie Luceno
                                                        26 MAY 05
                                                   Fleet Week 2005
Saint Christopher's Kids at Fleet Week 
Saint Christopher's Kids at Fleet Week 2005
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Launch 5 Photo by NJ Sports Pics
(Launch 5 Photo by NJ Sports Pics)  
Click for Passagemaker Magazine article Tribute To A Fallen Hero
                                SEP 04
                     Tugboat Roundup 2004
                            13 AUG 04
               Point Pleasant Race 2004
                        04-05 JUN 04
                   High Tech Search
                          MAY 04
                 Fleet Week 2004
                         02 MAY 04
       New York Shields Honor Launch 5
                         24 APR 04
Launch 5, The Queen Mary 2 and The QE2
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                  12 NOV 03
    Launch 5 In Law And Order
                  19 OCT 03
        News12 On Launch 5
News12 on Launch 5
News12 on Launch 5
                  19 OCT 03
Congresswoman Sue Kelly On Launch 5
Greg Porteus chats with Congresswoman Sue Kelly in the aft cockpit of Launch 5
Photo by Bill Smith
                    OCT 03
 Launch 5 In American Police Beat
                 11 SEP 03
Launch 5 At 23Heroes Dedication
                    SEP 03
        Tug Round Up 2003
                 05 JUL 03
Launch 5 In The Journal News
                   JUN 03
         Poker Run 2003 
                 MAY 03
Fleet Week 2003 U.S. Navy Film Shoot
               03 MAY 03
Helo Training Evolution On Launch 5
Launch 5 with USCG Helo photo by Bill Smith
(Launch 5 with USCG Helo photo by Bill Smith)
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(Lynn Valenti & Cliff Forrest on watch off Ground Zero 9/11/02)                                                     12 OCT 02





      27 SEP 02
   Launch 5 In Newsday
      11 SEP 02
        Launch 5 SEP 11 Patrol Off Ground Zero
      18 AUG 02
     Fire On The Hudson
Lynn Valenti & Cliff Forrest on watch off Ground Zero 9/11/02
              16 AUG 02
 Offshore Powerboat Race
             10 AUG 02
           PWC Rescue
           21 JULY 02
  A Hudson River Rescue
          04 JULY 02
   Historic First Patrol 
L5 Arrives In Ossining For The First Time
Launch 5 Arrives In Ossining For The First Time.  photo by Bob Daraio
A Brief History Of Launch 5
Greg Raising The Launch
Greg Porteus Raising The Launch

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The Launch 5 Hudson River Environmental Safety Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)3 corporation, formed to help coordinate and assist the joint efforts of Marine Police, Fire, EMS, US Coast Guard and US Coast Guard Auxiliary units involved in Boating Safety, Aids to Navigation and Search and Rescue operations on the Hudson River.

Launch 5 photo by Don ElmendorfThe Launch 5 Foundation seeks and disseminates current information on emergency response equipment and training, including the sponsoring of classes and seminars for rescue personnel, the general public, commercial and recreational boaters. They obtain and restore historical water rescue craft in order to promote the study of the history of water rescue and the historical significance of boating safety and Search and Rescue, and promote the preservation and replenishment of the Hudson River environment, including cooperating with similar public charities, marine biology groups and student/youth groups.

                  Launch 5 

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is composed of uniformed volunteers who assist the Coast Guard in all of its varied missions, except for direct military and law enforcement. These men and women can be found performing a variety of missions - on the nation's waterways, in the air, in classrooms, and on the dock, performing Maritime Domain Awareness patrols, Marine Safety and Environmental Protection patrols, Free Vessel Safety Checks, and boating safety public education.

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary was founded in 1939 by an Act of Congress as the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve and re-designated as the Auxiliary in 1941. Over 29,000 members donate millions of hours annually in support of Coast Guard missions. Membership is open to US Citizens 17 years of age or older who must also pass a Personal Security Investigation.

For more information on the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, visit

Enjoy recreational boating, but keep your radios and PFDs on and your eyes peeled, you never know when you'll be needed to step up and reaffirm our motto: 

Semper Paratus


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