BOAT SMART KIDS

                  Safe Boating Programs For Your Local Schools




   For School Assembly Programs:

Jim DiPelesi Teaching Boat Smart Kids

School Assembly Programs usually run 30 to 45 minutes depending on age and class schedule.


  Boat Smart Kids programs are usually presented in the schools just prior to the start of the spring boating season.


  At the start of your presentation, thank the principal, parents, and teachers for giving the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary the opportunity to share how we can enjoy recreational boating activities on our rivers, lakes,  and oceans safely.

                                                                                             (Jim DiPelesi teaching boat Smart Kids)


Some questions you might ask at the start of your presentation to stimulate interaction with the kids include:                                                      


  How many boys and girls families’ own boats?Top Of This Page

  How many boys and girls have been on a boat?

  How many boys and girls know how to swim?

 How many boys and girls wear Lifejackets?

  How many boys and girls wear bright colored Lifejackets?


  A K-3 book can be ordered through your Materials Officer under ANSC #3010. This book, titled Boating Fun –Adventure on the Water, was written in partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers. It is designed to stand alone as well as to be a teaching text for our K-3 age group.

 Boating Fun - Adventure On The Water

  Boating Fun-Adventure on the Water  is a storybook/coloring book with pictures that are suitable for making overhead transparencies. A guide to the safe boating messages in the book, as well as a list of activities (with short explanations), can be found in the book on Pages 1-2. The story contains all the messages and they are on the page where the picture related to the message is found. Instructors who are relatively new at boating or teaching these lessons may be most comfortable simply reading the boating story from the book.





Waypoints-A Guide to Boating Safety  "Waypoints, A Guide To Boating Safety"

 is our text targeted for grades 4-6 and is available through your Materials Officer under ANSC #3011.


  This text has also been printed in partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers. Its look is designed to appeal to the 10-12 year old age range but it includes the main points of our adult 8-hr Boating Safely Course and is usable as a text for any number of one-hour courses.


  A new “Certificate of Participation” in the traditional red, white and blue with pictures of a PWC and Coasty is available under ANSC #6040 in packages of 50. This can be used with either of the two youth books. You fill in the child’s name and the name of the course.Top Of This Page


 Sample lesson plans and useful information are provided for various age groups as follows:


                                    BOAT SMART KIDS KINDERGARTEN

                                    BSK GRADES 1 THROUGH 3

                                    BSK GRADES 4 THROUGH 6

                                    Boat Smart Kids Public Information Page 

                                    Boat Smart Kids Presentation Formats

                                    Smart Start For Paddlers


 For more information about the above or any other Operation Boat Smart activity.



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